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A lack of fluids and essential micronutrients can leave you feeling tired and unwell, and isn't always easy to rectify. If you're dehydrated, run-down, or sick, Frank Marinkovich, MD, of Eastside Family Health Center in Kirkland, Washington, can help. Dr. Marinkovich offers intravenous (IV) therapy personalized to your exact requirements for conditions as varied as colds and autoimmune disorders, as well as dehydration. To find the IV therapy you need, call Eastside Family Health Center today or book an appointment online.

IV Therapy Q&A

What is IV therapy?

lady receiving iv infusionIntravenous (IV) infusion therapy delivers essential micronutrients and fluids directly into your bloodstream. It provides a convenient alternative to the hospital emergency room for patients with dehydration and those who need vitamins, nutrition, and medications intravenously.

The IV infusions Dr. Marinkovich uses at Eastside Family Health Center have far more to offer than just fluids for rehydration. They help address many common health problems, from straightforward colds and headaches to serious kidney, liver, and autoimmune diseases.

What's in IV therapy infusions?

IV therapy infusions may contain any combination of nutrients and fluids tailored to your specific requirements. Most IV infusions at Eastside Family Health Center use the practice’s Happy and Healthy (H&H) brand, which the team developed in-house.

H&H is a combination of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, and other health-giving ingredients that provide you with all the micronutrients your body needs. Dr. Marinkovich uses H&H as a base, then customizes it with beneficial additives that suit your particular needs.

IV therapies available at Eastside Family Health Center include blends for:

  • Cancer support
  • Detox
  • Gut health
  • Healthy brain support
  • Immune boost
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Kidney support
  • Lung health

You could also benefit from drug-induced nutrition deficiency (DIND) IV therapy that helps to correct nutrient deficiencies arising from any medication you need to take.

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

IV therapy has several benefits. First, IV therapy is more effective than oral vitamin and mineral supplements because anything you swallow must go through your digestive system. Inevitably, some of the goodness in your food or any supplements you take isn’t absorbed.

What's lost varies between people, and for some, it can be a significant quantity. However, no one's body is 100% efficient at extracting nutrients from their food and supplements. With IV therapy, all the nutrients go straight into your bloodstream, so nothing gets wasted.

IV therapy is also a safer and more effective way of rehydrating your body than attempting to drink large quantities of water in one go.

To find out more about how you could benefit from IV therapy, call Eastside Family Health Center today or book an appointment online.